The Arc of Tucson is committed to expanding opportunities, encouraging full citizenship and working to improve the quality of life of adults and children with developmental disabilities.

Membership Categories:

  • Individual $10.00

  • Family $20.00

  • Agency $50.00

Joining The Arc of Tucson gives you membership in 3 Associations:

  • The Arc of the U.S

  • The Arc of Arizona

  • The Arc of Tucson

We will provide:

  • Disability Information
  • Parent Support

  • Self-Advocacy Group

  • Educational Advocacy

  • National, State and Local Publications

  • Prevention Materials

  • Group Home Monitoring

As you consider joining or rejoining The Arc, keep these facts in mind:

The Arc has led the way as advocates for people with developmental disabilities: we advocate for change in residential services and health care, advocate for the rights of children to receive an appropriate education, and advocate for the rights of citizens with disabilities to participate in their communities.

Since 1950 the growth of services and the awareness of the civil rights of people with disabilities are directly tied to the growth and effectiveness of The Arc.

The Arc of the U.S. provides the most current information about developmental disabilities. In fact, The Arc of the U.S. website on the internet is one of the top ten quality sites for non-profit organizations.

The Arc of Arizona provides advocacy in the Arizona legislature and information and referral for members. With the support of the local units, The Arc of Arizona is one of Arizona's largest and most effective networks for people with disabilities.

Ten Good Reasons For Becoming A Member

1. The strength of an international network of advocates.

2. A history of family support, empowerment, and education.

3. The Arc is a continued, respected presence in the policymaking arenas of America.

4. The Arc supports and facilitates the growing self advocacy movement.

5. A wealth of materials; printed, audio-visual, computer, and people; to support

prevention, empowerment, and education.

6. Local support with state and national connections to help you reach solutions.

7. Frequent updates about current issues and trends.

8. An effective organization that improves the quality of life for

people with disabilities.

9. The opportunity to be an active contributor to an important cause.

10. Inexpensive dues for priceless benefits!

 Membership Form

The Arc of Tucson Membership Office
PO Box 44324
Tucson, AZ 85733