Positions Available

Self Advocacy Advisor PT (12 hrs / mo)

The Arc of Tucson is seeking a Self Advocacy Advisor.

The self advocates would like to find someone to help restart and re energize their group of young adults with intellectual disabilities.

The job would include helping individuals find a meeting location, arranging for transportation,  locating speakers , teaching members how to make an agenda and run meetings, helping coordinate fund raisers, teaching members to speak up for themselves, showing members how to do new things., and coordinating out-of-town trips  to conferences and special events that members wish to attend.

The right person for this job must be 18 or older, straightforward, able to challenge and motivate, be friendly and get along with people, be a good teacher, be honest, be tuned into what young people like doing and have own transportation.

The job will start at 12 hours per month at $10 per hour, with the opportunity for more hours.  Hours are flexible.

If interested, please send a letter of interest and resume to The Arc of Tucson at PO Box 44324, Tucson 85733 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

This position is open until filled.

Housewares Helper

The Arc of Tucson has a Homewares Center that makes available, for free, household goods for needy people with developmental disabilities.

Volunteer positions are available. Please fill out and return the Volunteer Form.



Residential Monitoring Program

Background: As a result of The Griswold v. Riley settlement Agreement of 1079, The Arc of Arizona was assigned by the State to be responsible to monitor the quality of life of individuals who were released from The Arizona Training Program in Collidge and went to live in group homes.

In 1998, Arizona's division of Developmental Disabilities asked The Arc to expand its program to include all homes in the State that are licensed and contracted with the State DDD. While many State Arcs monitor group homes, The Arc of Arizona is one of the few which is officially recognized and empowered to do so.

The Arc's monitoring activities are governed by The Arc's Residential Services Committee, which is made up of volunteers. All monitorings are conducted by The Arc's Residential Services Coordinator and the Arc's Volunteer Monitors, who work under the supervision of the Residential Services Coordinator.

Arc monitors have no regulatory authority, but can make recommendations to service providers for changes to enhance quality of services they provide to individuals with developmental disabilities.

Monitors use a monitoring tool that reports responses and information in areas related to, but not limited to: Accounting for client funds, providers' nutritional meals, realization of choices, cleanliness of the home, staff interactions, use of unsupervised time, and client rights.

Become A Volunteer Monitor

The Arc provides staff to Residential Service committee and training to all volunteers. We are currently recruiting volunteers for future monitorings. If you are interested in volunteering or would like additional information about The Arc's monitoring efforts, please contact our Residential Services Coordinator at 1-800-252-9054. Fill out and return the Volunteer Form.

Self-Advocates and family are encouraged to become volunteer monitors.